Lil' Monkey Brings a Revolution
to the Outdoor Toy Industry



Your child will reveal a
virtual world of fun!



The App is free to download once the Dome has been purchased.



 Designed to develop your child’s motoric & cognitive skills.


How Does it Work?


The APP which is free to download once the Dome has been purchased, cleverly detects the location of the child and the Dome. When the child moves around the Dome, the App will identify the location of the child and will reveal a virtual world of fun! A Lil' Monkey character will appear and instruct the child to feed him with fruits, discover treasures and win points. The player gets points by completing objectives as quick as possible. The quicker the child, the better chance to win those points! 

Download the Lil’ Monkey APP here


Go to the APP Store or Google Play and enter the key words “Lil’ Monkey”.
Download and install the application on your mobile device.
Aim the device at the marker to start playing. A virtual world of fun is revealed.


Game Instructions

1. Game Target

Complete all the 28 stages within the time limit.


2. How?

Collect the fruits shown in the cloud within the time limit as fast as you can to win those points and move on to the next stage.

3. For Example

First find the apple, then banana and then another apple (touch the screen). Tip: Fruits may be located 360° around the space. Turn around the space and you might find the fruit you’re looking for!

4. Notice

If the following message appears: simply aim your device at and continue the game! Without the "Marker" you will not be able to proceed.