We’re experiencing difficulties
assembling the Dome

Please consider the following tips: 
Take a look at our assembly video at: 


Use any kind of oil to lubricate the inner parts of the tubes before sliding on to springs. Notice that each spring fits in to a tube only one way. There is an upper hole and a lower hole for each part of the spring. While turning the tube to fit onto the spring, make sure that the spring clicks in to the empty holes. You should hear a “Click”.

I found an excess part / I’m missing a part to fully assemble the Dome

Please contact our CS at: cs@lil-monkey.com

What’s the easiest way to disassemble the Dome?

Disassembling the Dome is the reverse process to the assembly of the product. We recommend that you disconnect the top pentagon from the rest of the structure and then disconnect the entire 5 hexagons one from the other so that you are left with 5 hexagons & 1 pentagon. The Dome is easy to take around and store this way with no need to fully disassemble.

How can we play with
the Lil’ Monkey APP?

Go into Google Play or the APP Store, enter “Lil Monkey” key words and simply download the Lil’ Monkey APP to your mobile device. Direct the device at the Marker on the Dome and the Lil' Monkey character will appear and instruct the child to feed him with fruits, discover treasures and win points. The player gets points by completing objectives as quick as possible. The quicker the child plays, the better chance to win those points.

What are the hardware 
requirements for installing the APP?

Supports Android platform version Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and up. I-phone version IOS 5.1 and up.
Further specification can be found here:

Can the APP game be played anywhere or must one be around the Dome?

The APP interacts with the Marker which can be placed anywhere. It’s removable from the Dome easily by disconnecting the tube from connector E and slipping it off the tube.

What is the maximum weight that the Dome can hold?

 The Dome holds up to 80 kg. Maximum 3 kids at once.

APP doesn’t work what should I do?

Make sure that your device meets the hardware requirements mention above. Further if the APP does not work , try deleting it and uploading once again from the beginning. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please contact us at: